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Planning a Wedding Menu

Can we take a second to talk about food? Honestly, one of my favourite parts of my own wedding was the food, and I am still getting compliments on our selection. For us, our food choice was one of the most important factors of our wedding, and I have zero regrets. Unfortunately, not all couples can say the same.

Of course, everyone will have their own opinions on what matters most at a wedding, but sometimes food gets pushed a little too far down the list, and then you and your guests suffer for it.

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Now let's get something straight, good food does not have to cost a fortune. You do not have to sacrifice your entire wedding budget to your caterer. You do not have to eat sub par 'wedding food' either. Not all caterer's are created equal, and not all will suit your specific needs, so do some research, look into what's available--within your budget--go to tastings, change menu's, and get creative if you have to.

Not sure what to ask potential caterer's? Take a look at this pretty comprehensive list of questions over on the Knot.

Besides how to serve your meal (cocktail hour, buffet, plated...), here are some things worth considering when it comes to selecting your wedding menu:

Make it Personal

The food should reflect you as a couple so consider serving up your favourite dish or hiring your number one restaurant to cater for you. Did you meet at a pizza parlour, have your first date at the most amazing Italian place, or do you live for Sushi? Don't be afraid to incorporate it into your big day--chances are your guests (and you) will appreciate the break from overcooked chicken and bland beef.

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Eat Local

No matter where your wedding is taking place putting locally sourced food on the plates of your guests will never go unappreciated. You can offer up some farm fresh veggies, local meats, cheeses and so much more, and it doesn't have to be rustic--the right chef or catering team can whip you up something elegant and delicious that will highlight those amazing ingredients perfectly.

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Highlight Your Heritage

Another great way to personalize your menu! Think about serving something from your childhood, incorporating family recipes or celebrating your roots by bringing something from your heritage to the plate. You can even opt to serve it up family style, to really bring your guests together.

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Get Creative

Plated dinner's and buffets are no longer your only options. Consider hiring a food truck to provide some delicious and fun fare to your event, or impress your guests with food stations and a unique dessert bar.

These days, if you can think it, you can have it.

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Put a Spin On It

Another way to get creative with your menu is to take something simple and spice it up. Deconstruct it, make it pint sized or serve it up in a new and unique way--just have some fun with it!

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Still feeling traditional? No shame in it! Presenting your guests with the traditional chicken/fish/beef wedding options doesn't have to be boring, or bland either. Besides, you can always spice things up during cocktail hour with an array of tantalizing appetizers or later in the evening with some late night snacks. Just be sure to do a tasting to ensure the food is delicious no matter which route you take.

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The most important thing to remember is that the food should be a reflection of you as a couple, just like your wedding day. Don't be afraid to put some thought, and some heart, into your menu!



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