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3 Tips for Favours Your Guests Will Love

Let's talk favours. They seem to be something of a hot topic, but let's face it, choosing a little token of appreciation for your guests shouldn't be cause for a heated debate. Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is!

So how do you decide? Here are three ways to choose a favour your guests will actually enjoy, because there's nothing worse than arguing over your favours just to have them left behind after your wedding.

First, something edible. I mean, who doesn't want a slice of pie, or some decadent macaroons to snack on the next day—or later that night, no judgement here. Find something delicious, that you both love, or that ties in well with your theme or venue, then slap a personalized label on it and VOILA. Your guests will totally appreciate the thought, and the snack.

From top left: Macaroons/Pie/Jam/Oils/Hot Sauce/Doughnuts/Honey

Second, something to drink! You absolutely cannot go wrong with mini champagne bottles, or tiny tequila shots. If you'd rather shy away from alcohol, because yes it can be costly with guest lists soaring well over 100+ these days, cold brew coffee is sure to be a hit. Don't forget the kids! Think homemade lemonade or sparkling cider.

From top left: Gin/ Champagne/Shots /Cold Brew/Bottles

Third, let's get practical. Vintage glassware you can take home at the end of night? Yes please. Something handy your guests might need during your celebration, like sunglasses, blankets, fans or tissues, will most certainly be appreciated. Your wedding will be the party of the year, right? A handcrafted hangover kit will give your guests everything they need for the post party recovery.

Having your favours double as place cards is practical, and cost effective And the saplings? Well, if they do get left behind you can plant them yourselves, very environmental either way you look at it.

From top left: Glasses/Sunglasses/Succulents/Cups/Hangover Kits/Soundtracks/Blankets/Saplings

Still just not feeling the whole favour thing? It's certainly something you can opt out of completely, or you can always make a donation in honour of your guests to a charity that's close to your hearts. Another option is to get a little creative, consider adding a fun photobooth or hiring a caricaturist—that doubles as entertainment— to create memorable pieces for your guests to take home



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