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An initial meeting: What to expect

The very first thing you can expect from A Tale of Two Events is a free initial meeting, during which we have a chance to get to know one another, and gauge whether we are a good fit before we begin working together.

You'll have questions, and I will have answers, but our first meeting is about so much more than the logistics of wedding planning, it's about getting to know one another. It's about ensuring we have a great connection, and most importantly, it's about finding comfort and creating trust. The relationship you will build with your wedding planner is a unique one; we take on many rolls during the planning process and it is crucial for the couple and the planner to feel equally comfortable throughout the entire process. We lay the foundation for this during our very first meeting, believe it or not!

So what exactly happens during your free initial meeting?

We meet:

We will generally meet at a local coffee shop, somewhere warm and inviting, where we can all feel at ease. Next, we'll grab a drink and settle in for a chat.

We talk:

We want to hear it all! Your love story is what brought us together, and our goal is transform all of your experiences together into an incredible, and memorable, wedding, so we want to hear all about YOU. We will also chat about your wedding plans, your expectations from a planner and how we can help bring your vision to life.

We review:

You will have a chance to ask any questions you may have, review our portfolio, and you will get to take a glimpse at some of our past experiences. We will also have our emergency kit, clipboard and a sample binder on hand, so you can see first hand just how prepared your planner will be come your wedding day.

We are green:

At A Tale of Two, we are committed to the environment. We prefer to remain as paperless as possible, so don't be shocked if you aren't presented with a slough of paperwork. You will be offered a business card, but nearly every other aspect of our business can be conducted online, in a paper free manner. Prior to our meeting you will receive a file outlining our services and investment, and we kindly ask that you review this information, as well as our website, prior to our meeting.

What not to expect:

We don't craft timelines, provide vendor recommendations or problem solve during this meeting. We save all that good stuff for after we've been hired to bring your dream wedding to life. If you would rather receive some advice or recommendations prior to booking our services then we would be more than happy to me you for a consultation.

Always remember this initial meeting comes with absolutely no strings attached. Zero obligations, no pressure, promise! Though many couples opt to sign a contract at the conclusion of our first meeting, you will never feel pressured to commit. If you aren't quite ready to commit you will be presented with a proposal that outlines everything we discussed in our meeting, and everything you can expect from us during the planning process.

We want you to be confident, and completely satisfied with your decision to work with us, so we will hold your wedding date for one week. Once you have reached a decision we kindly ask that you let us know either way, so that we can send along a contract, or, so that we can free up your date for another couple that may be waiting.

Ready to take the next step in planning your perfect wedding? We'd love to chat! Drop us a note, or give us a call to arrange your very own FREE initial meeting.

Can't wait to hear from you!



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